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Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018

Renovated Space Lays Groundwork for Future Growth

BROADVIEW, IL (April 24, 2018) – Today ECS Corporation officially announced the relocation of its global distribution headquarters. Located less than 15 miles from the city of Chicago, the 22,000 square foot space will house elevator and escalator spare parts, the company’s will call center, administrative staff and senior management team.

Though the distribution facility operated for several years as overflow inventory space, there was an urgent need to repurpose it as the company expanded and had outgrown its former location. Additionally, there was a need to segregate manufacturing and distribution as its business model changed to accommodate a larger selection of elevator parts.

ECS Corporation’s manufacturing and assembly plant will continue to operate in its current location. With the relocation of inventory and staff, a large amount of space will be available to grow and streamline its current capabilities.

“Our new distribution headquarters allow us to grow organically and better utilize existing space”, says Rick Milefchik, President and COO, “By separating our two operations, we are able to fine-tune our distribution strategy to meet the just-in-time requirements of the industry. We are confident this positions us for planned future growth.”

ECS Corporation is now located at 2807 S. 25th Ave., Broadview, IL. The manufacturing and assembly plant remain at 2741 S. 21st Ave, Broadview, IL.

Friday, Feb 02, 2018

New Office Offers Improved Product Support to West Coast

BROADVIEW, IL (February 2, 2018) – Today ECS Corporation officially opened its western region distribution facility in Las Vegas, NV. Located less than two miles from the popular Las Vegas strip, the facility provides easy access to the city as well as the nation’s west coast. Complete with a will call center, the 7100-square foot location is stocked with crucial elevator and escalator replacement parts.

The office expands ECS Corporation’s logistics network to better service customers across the United States. Customers in the mountain and pacific time zones will benefit from lower freight charges and, in most cases, a one-day delivery point. East coast customers may take advantage of extended shipping hours since the location will ship parts until 4:30 p.m. pacific standard time.

The Las Vegas office is staffed with members of the vertical transportation industry. Manager John Rankin, QEI, joins ECS with more than 33 years’ experience. John became a mechanic in the early 1990s and has worked in the field most of his career. He has experience with all phases of field work, construction, modernization, service and repair. Prior to joining the company, he was Service and Repair Operations Manager for the local ThyssenKrupp branch.

Lori Kekich is the Sales and Operations Coordinator. Her diverse background includes work in the steel, health care, sales and customer service industries. She joined the vertical transportation industry in 2015 as ThyssenKrupp’s State Code Administrator. In January 2017, she accepted a position within the company’s Operations Department as a Service/Repair Coordinator until joining ECS.

“We saw an immediate need to service the west coast, specifically the Las Vegas market”, says Rick Milefchik, President and COO, “The equipment operates 24/7 in a harsh environment and response time is critical. Having an immediate supply of parts available not only helps the local market but improves our distribution capabilities nationwide.”

Customers interested in visiting the newly opened office, should call 800-621-0759 or visit ECS Corporation at 4301 S. Valley View Blvd. Ste 8, Las Vegas, NV 89103.

Friday, Jan 19, 2018

Joint Interview Hosted by Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales with the Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA)

BROADVIEW, IL (January 19, 2018) – ECS Corporation recently participated in The Manufacturing Alliance podcast series. One of several hosted by Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales, it was the first which was recorded in conjunction with the Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA). Hosts Kent Gladish of TMA and Tony Demakis of Alliance interviewed ECS President and COO Rick Milefchik and Cathy Hayat, the company’s Marketing Manager. The focus of the discussion was the story behind ECS and its recent transformation. Topics such as robotic laser welding, which the company utilizes in its plant, and manufacturing automation were also discussed.

A complete recording of the podcast may be found here

“The story of ECS Corporation is such a remarkable tale of overcoming adversity”, says Rick Milefchik, “We’re passionate about the changes that have taken place and the direction our company is headed. I appreciated the opportunity Tony Demakis and Kent Gladish gave us to tell that story.”

Founded in 1925, TMA supports manufacturers in the Chicago metropolitan area and surrounding counties in northern Illinois, northern Indiana, and southern Wisconsin. It has almost 1,000 members representing over 32,000 employees and nearly 26M square feet of manufacturing.

Alliance Specialties and Laser Sales is a diverse company which not only sells custom industrial laser applications including laser welders and engravers, but also specializes in complete injection mold finishing and maintenance solutions. The company partners with some of the most respected industry leaders to help their customers achieve successful solutions.

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