ECS Corporation Expands Global Distribution Headquarters

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
ECS expands global distribution headquarters

Renovated Space Lays Groundwork for Future Growth

BROADVIEW, IL (April 24, 2018) – Today ECS Corporation officially announced the relocation of its global distribution headquarters. Located less than 15 miles from the city of Chicago, the 22,000 square foot space will house elevator and escalator spare parts, the company’s will call center, administrative staff and senior management team.

Though the distribution facility operated for several years as overflow inventory space, there was an urgent need to repurpose it as the company expanded and had outgrown its former location. Additionally, there was a need to segregate manufacturing and distribution as its business model changed to accommodate a larger selection of elevator parts.

ECS Corporation’s manufacturing and assembly plant will continue to operate in its current location. With the relocation of inventory and staff, a large amount of space will be available to grow and streamline its current capabilities.

“Our new distribution headquarters allow us to grow organically and better utilize existing space”, says Rick Milefchik, President and COO, “By separating our two operations, we are able to fine-tune our distribution strategy to meet the just-in-time requirements of the industry. We are confident this positions us for planned future growth.”

ECS Corporation is now located at 2807 S. 25th Ave., Broadview, IL. The manufacturing and assembly plant remain at 2741 S. 21st Ave, Broadview, IL.